XRP 980013 - Size 12 Male Flare to Size 10 ORB Straight Fitting

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XRP O-Ring Boss for your fuel, water, or oil plumbing needs.

This is a -12AN Flare to -10AN ORB straight O-Ring Boss, or ORB, hose end.

Part# 980013

All XRP O-ring boss hose ends are designed with contoured entrances for improved flow. We offer ORB fittings for use with either our Stainless Steel Braided CPE Hose, XR-31 Hose or our HS-79 Ultra Flexible PTFE Hose. Some ORB fittings are available with full swivel capacity for the ultimate in adjustability. Easy to install, these versatile fittings work for a variety of applications Available in wide selection of sizes and bends.