SeaFoam SS14-2 PACK Quick-Acting Top Engine Cleaner and Lube - 12 oz can

SeaFoam SS14-2 PACK Quick-Acting Top Engine Cleaner and Lube - 12 oz can

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This is TWO cans of Sea Foam - Intake Cleaner & Lube # SS14 12 oz can.
  • 2 And 4 Cycle Engines Only
  • 12 Oz

Detailed Description

  • Cleans intake systems and carbon deposits at the same time.
  • Internal engine use only
  • 2 And 4 cycle engines only
  • 100% pure petroleum blend for safe cleaning of air intake systems and all throttle bodies
  • Safe to use on Teflon coated parts
  • Oxygen sensor safe
  • Lubricates throttle plates and bushings

Manufacturer Information

We're glad you've discovered one of the best kept secrets in the automotive business - Sea Foam® Products. Sea Foam® continues to manufacture its additives using the same 100% pure petroleum formula developed by the company's founder, Fred Fandrei back in the 1930's. This has ensured that Sea Foam® can continue to offer the safest, most effective and versatile products on the market for keeping all your engines - 2 cycle, 4 cycle, Gas or Diesel - operating at their peak performance.

At Sea Foam®, their decades of experience have proven that when an engine is clean, free of moisture and well lubricated, it will run better and last longer.

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