Power Plus Lubricants-6 PACK POPCORN Fuel Fragrance for Car, Motorcycle, ATV, IMCA - 4 fl oz

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This is a 6 PACK of 4 fluid ounce bottle of PowerPlus POPCORN Fuel Fragrance. 

Part #  19769-80

This is a brand new, unopened, unused product from the manufacturer. 

Fuel Fragrance 

PowerPlus Fuel Fragrance are designed to eliminate unpleasant exhaust odors and the eye, nose and throat irritations that come with them. You can pre-mix this with fuel or pour it directly into your tank before filling up. These fuel fragrances are safe for all internal combustion engines, injectors, carburetors, 02 censors and catalytic converters. PowerPlus Fuel Fragrances do not inhibit or enhance engine performance.

This 4 oz bottle treats up to 35 gallons of alcohol/methanol, 20 gallons of gasoline or nitro methane or 10 gallons of diesel fuel. 

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