ONE MAN FENCING Livestock Panel T-Post Connector - Gardening, Farming,Cable/Zip Ties - 100 pack

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This product is a PM Livestock Panel Connector for T-Posts.  Developed and provided by One Man Fencing.  This is a 100 pack bundle of PM Livestock Panel Connector for T-Posts.  

  • Connects livestock panels to T-posts
  • Zinc plated steel
  • Resists corrosion
  • Reusable
One Man Fencing has developed a premium livestock panel connector that not only saves you time during installation … it is REUSABLE!!! With this new livestock panel connector, the time to install the panels has been drastically reduced from having to use wire wraps, baling twine, or cable ties. The livestock panel connector gives you a stronger fence product when completed. Each connector will hold two panels so that where one panel ends the next panel begins or make you corner or even make a gate. 

Use this for your fencing needs for farming, produce, livestock, cattle!  

One Man Fencing was developed out of the need for a simpler way to connect livestock panels. After many years of research and development and many product variations, the PM Livestock Panel Connector was born! No longer do you need bailing twine, wire wraps, or cable ties to attach your livestock panels. The PM Livestock Panel Connector allows you to simply and quickly connect livestock panels to both T-Posts and wooden posts. With the invention of the PM Livestock Panel Connector developed by One Man Fencing, the uses of livestock panels are limitless! Use the Panel Connectors to fence in your livestock, stake up your produce (green beans, tomatoes, blueberry bushes, blackberry bushes, and grape vines). Use the connectors for the panels to build an outstanding dog lot…the sky is the limit!

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