MLS 3353 AS/40 Molyslip Anti Scuff Assembly Compound - 500g

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One 500g tin of Molyslip Anti-scuff Assembly Paste. 

Part # 3353

Molyslip AS/40 Keeps Your Engine Protected

Nothing is worse than spending hours building an engine, purchasing and installing components only to crank it up and have it tear itself apart.

Applying AS/40 to your components prior to assembly prevents this. AS/40 is a pre-assembly lubricating compound formulated to prevent scuffing and scoring of mechanical components on start up and to prevent galling and corrosion. The high molybdenum disulfide content (40%) ensures load carrying capacity in excess of 140,000 p.s.i. while the non-melt bentone grease base delivers effective lubrication even in high-temperature applications (such as brake components).