Colonel Brassy - Hard Surface Cleaner/Polish - 3 PACK 16oz + 3 microfiber cloth

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This is a 3 PACK of 16 ounce bottle of Colonel Brassy with 3 microfiber polishing/waxing cloth.  

We have 5 different colors (blue, orange, yellow, red, green) of microfiber cloths and two will be chosen at random unless a color is specifically requested prior to shipment.  

This is a brand new, unopened, unused item.  

For almost all uses Colonel Brassy may be used full strength. Shake bottle well. Use a very small amount on a clean cloth and rub thoroughly. Let dry to a haze and polish to a great shine.

Colonel Brassy is industrial strength and abrasive. Using on certain metals (polished brass, polished copper, gold, silver and any coated metal) you may find it necessary to dilute with water up to a 1:5 ratio, or if uncertain, test on a small hidden area first.

BRASS AND COPPER CLEANING: Colonel Brassy will remove tarnish and other stains on brass and copper and put a protective polish on the surface that protects the metals from air.

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANING: Colonel Brassy will remove surface rust, hard water and mineral deposits, baked on grease and other surface stains. Just use COLONEL BRASSY full strength and rub in direction of grain, polish to a high shine.

CHROME CLEANING: Always use a small amount on a clean cloth and apply a moderate amount of pressure. Removes rust, hard water deposits and oxidation. When cleaning out pits in oxidation allow Colonel Brassy to dry in pits. Buff to a great shine.

PORCELAIN - TILE - PLASTICS - FIBERGLASS: Apply Colonel Brassy in a circular motion with a clean cloth or a buffer wheel. Let dry to a haze then buff to high shine. Removes oxidation, rust, black marks, oil and grease marks.

GLASS AND MIRROR CLEANING: Use Colonel Brassy full strength on glass or mirror (it won't harm the surface). Removes hard water deposits, overspray, glue and tape residue.

MOTORCYCLES: On chrome pipes it will take off melted boot, burnt oil and grease, use full strength. Try on bad aluminum.


  • - Sterling Silver (dilute 1 :20 ratio)
  • - Hair Dye Rust
  • - Oxidations
  • - Graffiti (smooth surfaces)
  • - Damaged Aluminum
  • - Heavy Scuff Marks
  • - Industrial Fall Out
  • - Adhesives


  • - Motorcycles
  • - Dirt Bikes
  • - ATV'S
  • - RV'S
  • - Golf Carts
  • - Golf Clubs
  • - Ski Boots
  • - Tractor Trailers
  • - Aluminum Trailers
  • - Automobiles
  • - Boats
  • - Ovens

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