ARP Ultra-Torque 100-9908, .5oz Fastener Assembly Lubricant-LOT OF 3

ARP Ultra-Torque 100-9908, .5oz Fastener Assembly Lubricant-LOT OF 3

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You are bidding on a 3-.5oz tube of ARP Ultra Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant.

Part# 100-9908

ARP Ultra-Torque is without exception the most repeatable, most consistent fastener assembly lubricant ever formulated for use on high performance engine fasteners. Combined with incredible anti-wear properties and "metal free" anti-seize characteristics, it also employs a hybrid mixture of extreme pressure additives to help stabilize tension loads during the first several cycles. Thereby, allowing the fastener to reach the proper preload on the first pull without cycling, making ARP Ultra-Torque the premier high performance engine fastener assembly lubricant on the market today! ARP Ultra Torque is recommended for use on all ARP fasteners to precisely duplicate ARP fastener preload specifications.

Properties: Effective lubrication range: 50 degree F-2000 degree F
:High Melting point-360 degrees F
:Prevents seizing and galling on threaded fasteners
:Prevents rust and corrosion during the life of the lubricant
:Metal Free

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