AED 4500 Dominator Carburetor Rebuild Kit 750 1050 1150 CFM Gasoline Carb .110"

AED 4500 Dominator Carburetor Rebuild Kit 750 1050 1150 CFM Gasoline Carb .110"

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AED 4500 Holley 1050-1150 Dominator Carburetor Rebuild Kit 

It is brand new original AED product in its original packaging, unopened, as shown.

Rebuild Kit Specs:

* Two 50cc Accelerator Pump

* One Base Gasket ( Carb to Intake)

* Two 4.5" Power Valves

* Two High-flow .110" needle and seats

* Nylon reusable needle and seat gaskets

* Nylon reusable bowl screw gaskets

* New brass idle mixture screws

* New needle and seat nuts and screws

* New accelerator pump squirter check valves

* Special no-leak fuel inlet gaskets

* Non-stick bowl and metering gaskets

* Only the highest quality components made


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